You Are Powerful

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Tanya Aubut
48 x 40 in.
Mixed media on canvas

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Station L Medispa & Galerie Blanche sur Greene present

You Are Powerful

About the artist


Tanya Aubut is a French-canadian based artist. Since her young age she was initiate to art and always love creating. In 2021, she graduated from the online mastery program from the Milan Art Institute. Since her graduation she’s been creating art and selling professionally to collectors all around the globe! Tanya’s creative process is mainly focus on mixed media techniques. She plays with different medium like collage and spray paint which give his work this ‘’street art vibes’’. Mixing words, abstract imagery and portraits she paint her thoughts. With her work, she wants to make you feel powerful and limitless when it comes to being your true self.

Tanya’s creative process is inspired by street art, abstract art and pop art. The artist paints emotionally-charged portraits, exploring themes such as love and self-confidence. Each canvas is like a self-portrait for the artist. Exploring various mediums, she is always seeking to renew her techniques and push her concepts. The artist’s process is highly intuitive, leaving room for spontaneity and expression throughout the creative process. The first stages of a painting are therefore done without plans or sketches, and she lets her emotions of the moment, and the colors that appeal to her, flow onto the canvas. In this way, she creates an atmosphere that gives rise to a portrait, either feminine or masculine.

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